…And So I Start a Blog.

This is it! My first attempt at blogging. I’ve always considered creating a blog of my own but I was never able to make up my mind as to what the general theme would be. I initially considered following suit to Julie Powell’s blog by challenging myself with new pastries to bake… but I should be more original, right?

So hey, here I am, typing away on whatever comes to my mind, and most probably, my posts would also be as topsy-turvy.

After much pondering, I’ve decided to name my blog after the 4 personality types I’ve learned back in high school. In an effort to think of what I should write about and doing some reflection in the process, I was reminded of this moment, back when I was about 12 or 13, right in my classroom during values education class:

My values educ teacher introduced us to the 4 temperaments, as developed by Hippocrates in the ancient times. So she was blabbing on about what dominant fluid these personalities would have in their bodies. My thought process during the entire discussion was, gawd, how awful it is to be phlegmatic! I’d rather have loads of bile regardless of color than phlegm! But this is beside the point.

After my teacher’s discussion, she made us write a reflection paper on what we thought our dominant temperament was. So there I was with a pen full of ink, unable to write a word, or even decide what temperament my personality was mostly composed of. My classmates were on the onset of making their papers, with full concentration. So, I whispered to my seatmate on my left to ask, “unsa ko?” (what am I?). She gave me a perplexed look, and after about 20 seconds of thinking about it, she simply shrugged her shoulders and went back to her paper.  I remember asking my seatmate on my right too, but my efforts served futile as well. I believe I ended up writing how I could all relate to the 4 temperaments. I think my teacher never gave back the results of that paper. Beats me what she thought about it — or if she actually read it.

Moving forward, it was one of my officemates who finally urged me to make a blog. Credits to you, D. I was really amused by her tumblr site and it really reflected her personality. This friend of mine was a generally happy person and reading her blog made me inexplicably happy too! So it is in this instance that I was convinced to make a blog of my own, in the hopes that I’ll eventually discover what temperament my personality is mostly composed of. Or not.

I hope you enjoy the sarcasm and contrasts you’ll find in my future posts, when I find the diligence to do them.

A bientot!


9 thoughts on “…And So I Start a Blog.

Add yours

  1. Goldaaah. Congrats sa first post mo! 😀 Nosebleed! :))

    I’m your first number 1 fan! Haha! Keep the posts coming! I’ll follow you! 😀 Muah!! Iko-quote kita sa tumblr ko. :DD

    1. I miss you too cherie! so dearly. Am stalking your tumblr account. Teehee. Brings me back to the good old days during leadership class where we’d talk about the most mundane things. ;))

  2. huwaw! can i be the second number one fan! what-duh?! hahahaha!
    will be following your page too, beb! 😉
    i firmly believe you make sense most of if not all the time. 😀
    write on! rock the world G! 😀

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