Cathy: An End to the Saga of Nostalgic Childhood Memories

When I was a kid, I used to look forward to the end of Sunday mass. My dad would buy the Sunday paper from our “suking” newspaper guy. I’d then cheerfully hunt for the Sunday comics section. (Though by cheerfully, I mean implicitly cheerful since I don’t usually express petty emotions on my face. My facial muscles find them too much of an effort to react.)

What sets the Sunday paper apart from the other days is that there is a dedicated section especially for comics. Oh, and did I mention that they also come in color this day of the week?

Opening the next page, readers would usually be enchanted with Cathy, found in the left page on the bottom half,  in all its pink glory. I’d look forward to reading this particular comic strip, because #1, it really stood out among all the other featured strips, being that it was pink and the lead character was female (and that I’m a girly girl in utter denial), and #2, the content was actually funny.

Not only did Cathy dwell on relatable everyday situations of women, it delivered it in such a sarcastic but humorous way. I could particularly relate, up until now, in Cathy’s efforts to be thin. HAHA.

So, to pay homage to one of the characters that have shaped my childhood, this blog is dedicated to you, Cathy. Although I am sad that this strip will no longer show new episodes and awkward situations that Cathy goes through, I bet I’ll still be seeing you in the newspaper. (Yes, our newspapers do that. They republish old volumes of some comic strips. Hey, even peanuts is still there.)


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