…Because The Rainy Season Just Makes You Wanna Go Emo

It is the 8th of August. I am on my way to meet my college friends, and in typical fashion, I am late. The delay was primarily due to the monstrous rain. For a while there I thought it was going to develop into some sort of natural disaster stanced to eat anyone or anything that’ll get in its way.

In an effort to be received gracefully instead of with angst by my friends, I walk briskly towards the rail transit station. I find myself behind two people with only one umbrella to share. Because of this, their pace is kinda slow, and this gets me annoyed. Let’s admit it people:  It gets to your nerves when you’re in a hurry and you’ve no choice but to slow down because the person or people in front of you are bering such laggards. Gah.

Being in a hurry, I amp up my pace and overtake them. In my head, I smirk as the satisfaction of not being constrained by their slow-mo walking gets the best of me. My conscience, however, eventually catches up and makes me realize that I should have felt even a bit of compassion for them, being that both of them were sharing one mere umbrella amidst the drizzle. I had to have understood the situation. But then again, they seemed to be a couple, so hoorah to them for totally having that spontaneous, romantic moment. I then realize, heck, my initial reaction was totally justifiable. Haha.

For the record, I have nothing against relationships nor is this my attempt to express my hatred towards the world for the existence of couples. This is merely my feeble attempt at spiking humor out of the fact that I am not in one. So life is fair and square in that respect. Erm, did I just say that?


4 thoughts on “…Because The Rainy Season Just Makes You Wanna Go Emo

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  1. Don’t worry about it. Either get a second umbrella or forego the whole ordeal. Gimme a break. Maybe it’s because they are such a sweet couple and they were worried if they got wet they’d melt like sugar. Awwwww… yack.

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