Of Airplanes and Stars

And I quote:

“9/11 is why we can’t pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars”.

I’ve encountered this remark on a few of my Facebook friends’ status updates and this never fails to crack me up. When I heard the song, I was on total LSS (last song syndrome) mode. I was cursed with LSS yet again as I browsed over another article on how Hayley Williams and B.O.B. actually haven’t seen each other in person, and yet their collaboration together has made such a huge hit – and an opportunity for people to make a witty spin on the lyrics.

On a lighter note, here’s a link to one of my fave covers on the song, a mashup of Nothin’ on You and Airplanes by Clara and Jason. Got across Clara’s channel, thanks to Michelle Phan’s channel, which I just love, love, love. Everytime she posts a new video, I feel oh-so giddy and excited to watch it. But let me dwell more on that in another blog post.



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