On my way to work…

Ahhh. This title brings me back to when I was in sixth grade and my english teacher, arguably one of the best english teachers I had (can I hear a woot woot for Teacher Chu), would require us to make a paragraph every week beginning with the clause “On my way to school”. Now I’m tempted to make an entire category that will serve as a chronicle to the out-of-ordinary encounters I see on my way to work. Just a thought.

A couple of the most memorable workdays to date on my way to work are as follows:

  • I was aboard the train, jam-packed as usual, dominated by female Homo sapiens as I usually ride on the first cart. A girl was comfortably seated in front of me and was alternately brushing her hair and looking at her face in the mirror. She was using one of those brush thingies with a mirror at the back of it. It really caught my attention because she was sooooo into what she was doing. Out of boredom, I kept track at how many times she brushed her hair and looked at her face in a span of one minute. The number is 8: a total of sixteen actions, alternately brushing her hair and looking at herself. And it wasn’t one of those events you wouldn’t bother to observe. The way she looked at herself in the mirror was so intense – every dent in the way her hair was flowing, every crease in her face, I believe she was able to contemplate on. 8 times. All in a matter of one minute.
  • I was walking toward the train station carrying my favorite bag. It was my favorite bag primarily because it had a lot of pockets where I put my knick knacks in. One of the most vital knick knacks in my life as a 21-year old corporate employee? My MRT Stored Value Card. I always keep it at the side pocket of my bag, and I don’t bother closing the zipper for reasons of convenient access. So I was walking. A jeepney then passes by and one of its passengers holler: “Ate, yung ID mo nahulog”. I walked straight ahead, thinking the guy was just playing a prank on me, or that it was one of his tactics to snatch something from me or whatever. Turns out he was actually helping me out. It was my MRT card. After about 5 seconds, I look back at the path I’ve trodded on and see nothing there. Such fast hands, whoever took my card. I was only able to use it once, so I could’ve used it on more rides. Yes, I know. I’m kuripot, tihik, frugal.
  •  I was feeling dandy as I walked towards the train station yet again. While chewing a dragee of Mentos,  I was strolling happily along my usual path – until i see, on the ground, a squished corpse of a rat. It was almost the size of a cat. And no, I didn’t say that just to make things rhyme. It was actually that huge! It was two-dimensional at that point, to boot. For the record, it wasn’t as cute as Remy from Ratatouille. Not at all. The horrid sight of it made me choke on the Mentos I was chewing. Ugh.

So anyway, on a lighter note, I saw this clip posted by one of my friends on Facebook. Now this is another rat worth blogging about.

I hope to post more of these occurrences on my way to work soon. Just feed me with coffee. Liquefied is better.


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  1. People watching is fun isn’t it? Some people are so very deliberate in their actions that they don’t notice how strange it looks. Most don’t notice, but an introvert with nothing else to do will notice and smile.

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