…A Certain Shade of Green

Okay, so the photo does not have anything green in it.

My friends and I were talking about Rihanna’s latest video, Love the Way You Lie and were dwelling on the fact that, as always, Megan Fox is über hot. Charlie of Lost scored big time for sure, thanks to this video. Who figured a guy like him would eventually be paired up with sultry Megan for such a sadomasochistically themed music video?  Cool.

C: Oh my God, she’s so hot.

P: Who? Where?

C: Rihanna’s latest video with Eminem. *blurb on how she’s hot hot hot, blurb*

G: *more blurb on how she’s so hot, steamy, sultry, blurb*

C: Yeah, she is.

G: Because Megan Fox.

C and P: Huh? What?

G: Megan FOOOOX.

*C and P still lost and confused*

G: Repeat after me, Megan Fox! Megan Fox!

C: #$@&%@$, now I get it!

G: Why did it take so long for you guys to get it?? I feel sad. Have I not trained you well enough?



2 thoughts on “…A Certain Shade of Green

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  1. Dear G,
    We have caused you great disappointment. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am, dearest master… I will try to uphold more your values..


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