Kiss the Cook: a Food Review

Located along Maginhawa Street in UP Village, Quezon City, it invites passersby with its warm and home-like atmosphere, easily visible from people outside the restaurant, as it is encased in glass panels.

My college roommate and I were seated in a nice, cozy table along the corner. The upside of it was that it welcomed more privacy, perfect for some catching up over dinner. The downside? Well, the waiters couldn’t see us so we had to stand every time we ordered or followed up something.

For the appetizer, we had crab cakes. I ordered grilled afghan chicken for my entrée (I don’t know how to put in characters with accents, so apologies for the apparently wrong spelling – but wait, WordPress’s proofreader helped me solve this problem, so hoorah!), while my roommate ordered five-spice spareribs.

I was generally satisfied with my afghan chicken. Didn’t remind me of the horrors inflicted by Bin Laden on our society at all. They put in more chili on my side dish as I requested, which was a perfect match with the tender chicken and the smooth creamy corn thing where the chicken was resting. (Okay, so I don’t exactly remember what it was called). Thing is, I wish my visit started and ended with the chicken. The crab cakes, though aptly complemented by the tomato and mango salsa, were personally too salty on their own.

My roommate was utterly disappointed with her spareribs. She compared it to Chowking’s version, and thought the latter tasted better. No rebuttals here. I tasted it myself and couldn’t agree more. When we asked for our bill, we told one of the waiters about it – that the meat was hard and that it generally didn’t taste good. He simply said, “Ganun po ba?”.

In an effort to give the place  the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem itself (not to mention allow her still famished stomach to be filled), she ordered an iced latte and a belgian chocolate cake.

The drink was exactly what it was – iced latte. There was nothing particularly special about it. The belgian chocolate cake, however, was divine. It was worth it, I think.

Based on our experience, to say that Kiss the Cook serves gourmet food is overrated. Yes, perhaps we just ordered the wrong things, or came at the wrong time. For the money we spent, it was an overall buzzkill. Closing my eyes to relish the food and appreciate it’s “gourmet-ness” didn’t help.  The washroom, with the potential to be aesthetically pleasing, was simply a mess when I entered, so more demerits are in order. I’d probably come back there for the chicken and the cake though. 😀


Food: 3

Ambience: 4

Cleanliness: 2

Service: 3

Overall Rating: 3


2 thoughts on “Kiss the Cook: a Food Review

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  1. Thanks for posting this review. I’m glad you like the chicken and the belgian choco cake, those are my personal favorites as well. The waiter should have paid more attention to your complaint about the spareribs, we will train them a bit more address this issue. I’m also glad you mentioned about the bathroom. We made a big effort to construct good bathrooms and I am disappointed that you found it messy. Again, we shall address this asap.

    I hope you come again soon so we can give you a better Kiss the Cook experience.


    Chef Waya

    1. Hi Chef Waya,
      Thank you for your receptiveness to my review. The overall layout and details of your washroom was nice. It was just that it wasn’t clean when I went in. Yes, I do hope to try out more things in your menu the next time around. Looking foward to experiencing better service with Kiss the Cook!

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