Of Tools and Boys

It is 3 in the morning and one of my nephews is awake. He beckons me to turn on the TV so he can watch cartoons. The channel is set at HBO, and he instantly complains, a prompt for me to press the channel dial up until it lands in Playhouse Disney. Handy Manny is on and he is satisfied. He’s laughing along with the quirkiness of the show now.

This gets me thinking about the voice behind Manny: Wilmer Valderrama. Ahhh, Wilmer, Wilmer, Wilmer. The first time I saw this guy on TV was on That 70’s Show with his treacherous outfits (Yes, I’d like to believe that his outfits were nothing short of horrid, even during the 70’s) and his annoying accent. This image of Wilmer stuck to me throughout my early teenage years…until pictures and segments of him popped up on TV when he started dating Lindsay Lohan. Boy, did he just become hot or what?

See exhibit above. In the left portion, we see Wilmer’s persona, as we all so fondly remember, in the sitcom. The image next to that is what he actually looks like. Stop me, I’m melting.

It’s just funny how he’s voicing over for Manny, and how he actually has a music video being aired in the channel for the soundtrack of the show. He looked so hot – cute – adorable! He looked so un-Fez-ish i.e. handsome and hunky while singing a children’s song. Awww.

It’s amusing how these memorable characters in grown-up shows end up on the shows my nephews watch. Not long ago, I also saw Carrie Bradshaw’s gay friend as this weird guy on Imagination Movers.

Now, it is almost 4AM and my nephew is watching Special Agent OSO. Yes, he is still awake. And, no, there aren’t any famous actors of other shows in this one. Or so I think.


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    1. When the kids come to get their dose of Playhouse Disney, I’m forced to like watching what they’re watching too, just so those tantrums don’t come out. Gotta hand it to these shows though, there ARE things to learn. Haha.

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