John Mayer Mania!!!

So Friday was the day. It was as if the heavens conspired for this night to be epic. It was. And by epic, I mean bittersweet. In great anticipation, we headed out to the open concert grounds only to be greeted by shiznit-loads of rain. Even with my umbrella above my head, all that was left dry at that point was my soul. The tantrums were about to surface. I told myself, John Mayer better be hot enough in real life to make up for this.

photo courtesy of Ate Sheng (a VIP view!)

He totally was. After enduring being scolded by security, getting our undies drenched, having to buy a cup of 35-peso water to ease my thirst, it was a night to remember. My friend and I went back to the railings anyway (good thing, them scary looking bouncers got busy) to get a better view of him – or the screen, that is. Our other friends were left with an alternative view of a couple making out. Okay, so when an umbrella moves down a bit, we occasionally get to see him on stage. We were so far away that his entire body was smaller than a third of my thumb.

John Mayer on the screen amidst the umbrellas

All these obstacles will never overcome how great he is as an artist. the words in his songs are so loose and relatable. The way he strums his guitar is so weird and amazing. His facial expressions tell you that he’s really into what he’s doing, and that accentuates how hot he is. Yes, even in his ordinary black shirt, he was smokin’.

Ahhh, the unbearable lightness of being. All the other annoying stuff had to happen in order to make this night as surreal as it was. It’s just like how salt actually makes chocolate milk more delicious.

Me and my railmate 😉

See our wet, happy faces. No one else can correlate sulfur and heartbreak like JM. No one else can muse about how he’s perfectly lonely so nonchalantly. I’m tired of being alone, so hurry up and get here. 🙂

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