Merci, Mes Amours!

This is my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want with it. Bow. PSYCHE!

So hey, here’s the thing. I’ve got a lot of work-related stuff on my mind right now but I’m still hung over from my experience in searching for the lost JuJu. And, yes, I’m still overwhelmed at how much thought and effort you’ve put into the concept of it all. Or sadyang creative lang talaga kayo.

So here’s my shameless way of saying thank you to you all. Thank you for staying late and suffering the famine. No worries, I’ve already told the pizza guy that he took too long and that it shouldn’t happen again. Though he did put part of the blame on how slow the service elevators were, and I couldn’t blame him for that. Ha.

Here goes:

C: Oh my dear, cute furball of a friend, I know that you were the brainchild of the game that made other people in the office question my reputation. Thank you for being one of my longest friends. Tried and tested pig-out buddy. Overnight pal. Long-run friend. Char!

S: Ahh, ze paparazzo. Why did you have to document my dyahe-jai ho moment? (Pun intended). Haha! Ever so creative. Gossip buddy. Co-rant outlet. Inspiration for hardwork and aesthetic taste. Char!

Ate A: You were with me for 4 hours. You had to persist through their YMs asking when it was going to start. Thank you for the chances. For listening to rants, on occasion. For the advice. Very well appreciated. Umabot sa heart ko. Achoochoo. Aja, multitasking-Gemini-advised-to-buy-a-two-way-Hedgren bag! Char!

Z: I was really happy you stayed! You had me at purple-bra. Haha! Our random, quirky YM convos are well enjoyed by yours truly. Aja on your launch, and on handling the NF! >:) Char!

N: What can I say but “saging at kamote“? And orange and…apple. Yihee! Your message amongst the flowers just cracked me up! Cheers to my same-sentiments-on-single-life-buddy! Char!

L: Like Ate A, you were with me, too! Famished much? Haha. Thanks for the recent tips on how to handle proposals and draft e-mails! LOL. Our YM convos on farfetched principles in life during our days as MTs make me feel nostalgic. Char!

Ate M: Why did the cue card have to involve the words “virginity” and “target market”? So you! Haha. Thank you for the guidance, for the debates, and for the tidbits on practical lessons in life. I will miss ze team meetings where icebreakers usually, if not always, involve you and your lovelife. Char!

Ap: (You get two letters for purposes of non-ambiguity with the other A in this list). I appreciate the fact that I get to talk to you and see you more these days! The YM convos we’ve shared over the days are well embedded in my heart. Char!

Ma: Isa ka pa. You were there, too! Thanks for agreeing to exchange seats. My arse couldn’t take the ergonomically-challenged-signage-of-a-bench that day. Thanks for bearing with my occasional (nay, frequent!) over-analysis on things– as you would call them. Your advice on work stuff, love and lust are well in my heart. Char!

R: If I were a boy, this orangehead would be my goddess. (Early char!) Thank you for being the kind, understanding friend and MRT-mate that you are. And for shamelessly coercing me to profess! Never ever. Not in a million years! Maybe next year. Psyche! Char.

Ca: The rose among the thorns. LOL. I appreciate sharing my sentiments on singlehood with you. You are truly missed, geographically speaking. Former seatmate. Yema supplier. Ravishing toughie. Char!

D: My lighthouse amongst the complications of making a process.  Thank you for the enlightenment, for listening to my mostly unorganized thoughts and for being kilig and for the spontaneous and often nonsensical laughter. Riki Flores of the workplace. Blog inspirer. Char!

Ra: You can definitely sign me up. A-a-ha. Thanks for letting the HR-Finance side of the workplace know how horrible my voice is. Secret repository and rantmate. Member of the MRT-blues club. Haha. Char!

I really enjoyed our gathering that day. And not just the hunt for the Juju. I know this’ll sound rusty by now, but I’ll say it anyway because I mean it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. No words can express how grateful I am. Not just for Tuesday, but for all the days we’ve spent together. You add spice to my worklife. You guys are, wait for it, legendary! Cheers!


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  1. goldy! this is very heart felt. one can’t help but smile why reading this. thank you for the friendship! and btw, you add spice in our worklife too! thanks thanks! 😀

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