Just finished watching the most recent episode of Cougar Town and now I am left with red, moist eyes. Dang it, the show’s supposed to be a sitcom! With a splash of a cheesy father-daughter dialogue put into the fray, there is no other way for me to react but shed buckets of saline fluid and find my mouth involuntarily quiver.

Now this gets me thinking of a bloggerific idea. Being undeniably emotional, this blog post shall contain a rundown of the other things that makes yours truly spew out shiznit-loads of emotion, aside from aforementioned example seen in the previous paragraph. Ici ils sont:

  1. Hunger. One time, we were preparing for someone’s birthday surprise and ended up having a late lunch. I was surprised when my friend asked if I was angry. So I said, “no, I’m just hungry. What gave you that idea?”.  Apparently my face looked stern. I’ve received many other reactions of this nature to date. So there you have it. I think a lot of people can relate. Feeling famished is like having one of the bolts in your system loosened and you end up too flabby to function. So what is my mom’s mantra when she sees my eyebrows meet in the middle? Let the girl eat.
  2. Movies or plays containing heavy societal themes. Blood Diamond. The Patriot. V for Vendetta. Passion of the Christ. I’m sure there are more. Primary instinct? Either shed tons of tears or not talk to any other homo sapien, yes, family and friends included, for the rest of the day. Train of thought? Let’s talk  tomorrow, I still need to let the social injustices that pervade our world today, as showcased in this movie, sink in and burn. Come up with insightful points about that movie, and maybe we can talk about the thing after a while. Say how hot the actor was from that type of movie and don’t expect an answer.
  3. Speeches from influential people. Winnie Monsod. Tony Meloto. Dick Gordon. Confucius. Oprah. Et cetera. Of course, I’m referring to speeches of the kind that shake you to your very core. And no, I’m not referring to shows when Oprah shares to the world her 10 favorite things. Ha! After hearing their words live or on TV or reading their thoughts encapsulated in an article or adage, I usually end up getting watery eyes (and occasionally shedding a tear or two – again!). If the message conveyed is chunkier, other symptoms include not buying anything for a week (to stave off from being a contributor to this increasingly consumerist world) or getting annoyed at other people’s small talk without them knowing it (mindset: so this is all you guys can talk about amidst the grave issues that face today’s society? really?!) or going to church (Lord, help me become a pioneer in solving this imminent problem).
  4. Interviews. Okay, so to end this post on a lighter note, I share this confession to the whole world. I cringe at the thought of being in an interview. I love, love, love talk shows and seeing Jay Leno or Oprah or Larry King interview people, but when it comes to me being interviewed, I freak out. I have trust issues, I guess?  (mindset: you ask too many questions about me and I don’t even know who you are, aside from your name). I’ve cried on several occasions, and a narrative on the events that have transpired on each interview I’ve been to NEVER fails to leave my friends and family cracking up and saying: What IS wrong with you?! So there. Fortunately, the last few interviews I’ve had did not involve tears anymore, only a jittery voice on occasion! Ha.

So there you have it: a low-down on the things that bring out the SangPhlegMelCholic in me.


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