Annie the Honest.

This is one of the characters  in the Milo advertisements airing on TV to further the practice of good values among children. This initially caught my attention because of the structure of the phrase. If simile is to be used then both words being related have to be nouns, right? But let’s not dwell on that.

I know this is probably long overdue, since the premiere of  The Social Network was almost a month ago but I’d nevertheless like to spew out into the blogosphere what I thought and pondered on for quite a lengthy span of time after watching the movie: Is it possible to succeed, at least financially, without having to betray anyone – even in the smallest, littlest sense? (pardon me for making words up.)

Even though the plot of the movie was intentionally skewed to make things more sensationally Hollywood, the point is that, give or take, some people got screwed in the process of Thefacebook’s growth. So, Mark Zuckerberg, the world’s youngest billionaire is, as Travis’s dad in Cougar Town would put it, G.A.C: guilty as charged. Hey, even Bill Gates, the world’s richest man at some point in time, kinda screwed some people as he built his Microsoft empire.

Or are these cases just borne out of crabs trying to pull down these successful people? I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people out there who have acquired wealth at the expense of others (don’t get me started on the condition of Philippine government and politics, please!) but I have yet to know or at least hear of someone who hasn’t. Does this mean that, to live a life abided by unwavering integrity, one has to settle with an acceptable financial standing?

Is there a way to adhere to principles that are wounded by fibers of morality and ethics while working towards being financially free?

If you know of such a person who has done this, share! People need inspiration i.e. I do. Haha.


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