Cogito Ergo RANT.

When there is no plausible alternative to physically escape, I write. And with the company of my handy dandy notebook during this vacation stretch, along with the genius invention that is Wi-Fi (oh yeah, fidelity it is! — or felicity might have made more sense. *thinks*), I blog.

Call me exclusive or anti-social if you must, but there ought to be a limit as to the extent with which people stir themselves into other people’s affairs. People ought to get the drift when a moment is intimate, ideally shared only by the people involved, unless aformentioned people explicitly express their intent to include you in that said moment.

Okay, so this world is modern, nay, post-modern if you will, and often those with pure brawn and thick faces have bigger chances to succeed in this dog-eat-dog world. Call me cavalier, but I beg to differ. I sooooo beg to differ.

For reasons of tact and moderate civility, I’d rather not disclose the details that have compelled me to write this entry. Oh, how I long to write about the life of a fictional character with the realist underlyings that delve on my experiences.. Because “I” is becoming so overused in this blog, among other nouns and pronouns that allude to yours truly (There I go again). But won’t that make me seem more self-absorbed, though? Or worse, develop tendencies of Schizophrenia?

Haha. That’s some food for thought. I want to write about soooo many things. But this will be enough for now, I think. I’d rather write again, on a more optimistic note.

Happy (or, at the very least, pseudo-happy) Holidays!


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