Out with the old, in with the new.

The great thing about hiatuses is that it provides an opportunity for people to zoom out on the routinary activities that circumvent our lives and get a fresh and more sane perspective of how things really are. Okay, so I just needed to say that. Haha.

Along with this holiday binge comes our guilt-free passes to stuff ourselves with the most glistening, fatty, sugar-loaded edibles and merry-making, liver-shrinking liquids. And when such a hiatus is long enough to get into your head and revolutionize your habits, the adjustments needed when you’re suddenly brought back to reality can be stark.

Take drinking this goddamned tea I’m having as of this writing. I am not a tea person, but it’s a necessary step to get rid of aching muscles brought about by my act of eating too much grilled pork over the holidays (3 days in a row for breakfast, lunch and dinner, baby!). Okay, so I just needed to say that again. Haha.

But whatever trials and tribulations that come along to greet me this new, fine year, I look forward to it with a jolt of optimism.
I am going to have lean arms. And abs. And I will correct my posture (Oh, how I sound like comic-strip Cathy right now!).
I am going to learn a lot of things.
I am going to grow up.
I look forward to the ground-rolling, tear-jerking experiences I’ll be going through that’ll test who I really am as a person.
I will know what my principles are and exercise them.
I will be stronger. And more resilient.

Hello 2011. 😀

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