In an effort to rid my blog of cobwebs, I now write this entry. Come on, give me a break – it’s a weekend! And so I dedicate this video to humanity.

Recapping the week:

As this is a blog with no targeted motive, let me just mention the highlights of the past week. Last weekend, I was browsing through Time’s photos of the week and I came across this passionate, unadulterated photo. So I was like, dang, this viral photo looks like a scene off of a romantic drama! Only it’s real! Then I went on to reading the caption and eventually found out that this was caused by a Canucks-loss-induced riot, which significantly reduces the drama of it all. Sorry, I ain’t big on sports. Phooey.

On an unrelated note, I loved, loved, loved Coco’s speech. A Facebook friend shared this last weekend. Did I say how much I loved, loved, loved this speech? Conan O’ Brien is the bomb, may I just say. I used to be on team Leno primarily because I found his talk show much more humorous, unlike the usual slapstick jokes that Coco would spout nightly. But man, when I decided to click on this link and listen through the whole speech, I now have a newfound admiration for this guy. Cheers to happy drifters!

In other news, I’ve been wasting my time by basking myself in shallow entertainment, care of Petra Mahalimuyak. I gotta hand it to her, the videos she made on DIY makeup, being a beauty queen and getting one-minute abs are incredibly funny. But then she said something that shouldn’t have been said. Then she started to get haters. Then other people came in, perhaps just to share the limelight? I’m just saying. Check out her backlash here. Petra, please move on to making your funny videos once again!

And now we find ourselves here now. Because the rainy season just makes you wanna go emo, as my blog entry from way back, would say. Present me says it makes me hungry! I’m excited to make my own macarons this weekend. May the gods allow food fiasco probability to be zero.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering what the relevance of the blog entry title is to its contents, ’tis simple really. It doesn’t have any.

Because Beau’s Back to Blogging, B*tches. 😉


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