Burning Rubber


So I wake up at 4 in the morning to prep for the 1st marathon of my life. I check my phone for Peep updates, and there’s a Tweet from I forgot where saying that the information retention level of people nowadays is significantly reduced due to the advent of the Intarweb. It goes on to say that said Tweet will be forgotten by a reader in as soon as a minute. Well boohoo, I still remember that Tweet. Hell, I’m even blogging about it. Okay, so I just needed to say that. Moving on to more interesting things–

I’m generally averse to other people watching me exercise, who knows why. So when it came to warm-up time (that Bodyvive routine was fun!), I felt a tad bit awkward. All that changed when I heard the gunshot and people were either running, jogging or walking, all in the pursuit of reaching the finish line.

Around 10 minutes pass and I hear other people’s pronounced breathing, as if to taunt me that I should get tired too. So I’m not a fan of those sounds either. I like to keep the feeling of my body’s burning fats and increasing blood circulation to myself, thank you very much.

So why am I blogging about my 1st time to join a marathon? Because I love it. I just do. Despite the multitude of characters in that Takbo.ph event, they basically don’t give a rat’s arse about me wearing my old running shoes, or the sweat dripping down my face, or my oversized jersey, or even the fact that I only jogged on he first half of the race and walked on the second. The organizers still say “Good morning, runners” anyway. This is probably standard across marathons, but I was just amazed that there is such a thing as a tracker. It’s provided as part of the kit and with it, you can view your record online. This is probably not something that’s awefully amazing, but hey, pardon me. I’m a noob at this.

00:46:24 isn’t so bad, right? Next goal: cut running time by 30%. And next time, I should be running. Haha. πŸ™‚


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