An Ode to a Manic Monday


Ahhh. Of government agencies with a socially responsible front and shitloads of skeletons in the closet. Of 1B budgets for coffee and reverends’ bad ass wheels. Of focusing on anti-graft and corruption at the expense of programs geared towards economic development.

A friend of mine shared an article on Facebook by Walden Bello, dwelling on the effects of prioritizing reproductive health issues on a nation’s economic progress – or the lack thereof. I remember one night where my friends from Debsoc were pinning me down, saying that I was being too capitalist, that my perception of society is merely encapsulated by a number. Okay, so I probably deserved that. I told them that RP GDP per capita would go up if we’d just reduce the divisor figure. Makes sense, right? Pure, simple logic, I say. Well lookie the comparative stats between Thailand and RP now,eh. It pays to be safe, people!

Of bad tempers and regretting it. Last week, I was under a lot of pressure at work and I ended up scolding someone over the phone – real bad. Not that I don’t ever want to scold people, it sometimes is a necessary act to reinforce people to deliver, to realize potential, and to improve. It’s just that this guy was particularly good-natured, and was probably not used to these things. It bothered me over the weekend, honestly. Today, I saw him pass by my cube. I approached him and apologized for my manner of having conveyed the message. He told me that it was fine, that he understood how I have so many things on my plate, just like he does. Now, all is forgiven. I can breathe better now. *Breathes*

Of love affairs with people and gadgets. It’s that feeling when you have something or someone new in your life and you’re soooo excited and happy about its/his/her existence that you’d just want to spend the rest of your time with it/him/her. I think I’ve caught the lovebug. Yes, I have a love affair with my phone. I virtually spent my entire weekend with it- staring at it, playing with it. I’ve never blogged so much this year since I got this phone! I now have the means to maintain a Twitter account, thanks to this phone! I love you, phone.

Of freaky earthquakes, paranoia and the prospect that doomsday on 2012 is real. “If not now, when?”, one of Incubus’ songs goes on to say. So what if the world DOES end next year? Have I done everything I’d have wanted given such lifespan? For the most part, the answer is a big, fat no, methinks. Should I go on to believe that ’tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Hmmm…


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