Of Margaritas and Visionaries

(Oops, so this post is kinda two weeks late. Pardon me. Moving on!)

I just came from dinner (yay, margaritas!) with my friends and had the great opportunity to sit down with arguably one of the greatest visionaries I’ve known so far on an unconventionally casual note. So, in the interest of sharing what I got from that talk (and for my own selfish motive to remember this night, in retrospect), here are a couple of keypoints I got from such an amazing person.

(Note: Some parts may have been quoted verbatim, some paraphrased. Blame the margaritas!)

  1. Find your interest. Dont put all your eggs in one basket.
  2. There is more to life than work. That is why you get into your interests, you have relationships..
    Fun fact: most people’s motives to get into new interests is to meet new people. Networking. Sure 😉
  3. When you’re young, you can always reinvent yourself. Go out, have fun. Money is there to be spent.
  4. Credentials will get you far but common interests with people you meet can get you further.
  5. Differentiate yourself from others. That is the challenge.
  6. Understand the paradigms of the situation you are in and align your plans and actions with current and expected circumstances.
  7. Weigh the ideal against the actual. Base your decisions and actions on these circumstances.

Sigh. It’s so refreshing to hear these things validated by someone who practices what he preaches. If all conversations were this inspiring, I totally wouldn’t mind taking minutes! Cheers to more visionaries and amazing mentors of this world. Universe, more great inspirational people, please! Ü


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