Of endings and beginnings


So me and my family went to our favorite joint for Christmas lunch, Bigby’s, in Megamall. I was particularly psyched since I got coupons online at 50% off for meals at this resto. This chain originated from Cagayan de Oro, my hometown, and seems to be doing farely well with its myriad of branches across the country. So when I saw the coupons online, I immediately bought them without any second thoughts. Little did I know that they offered that promo because their last day of operations would only be until the 31st.

We had high respect for the chain, it being homegrown and all, and we look up to the passion that must have been put to building the business. But sometimes, passion doesn’t cut it. In life, there are just some things you love doing that you have to let go of. For that business, it was a consideration of lucrativity. For people moving on to different chapters, it’s for the exploration of something new. Something undiscovered.

This reminds me of the philosophy that Milan Kundera was known for. Experiences that pin us to the ground are those that make us learn. I just ended a pivotal chapter in my life, one which I enjoyed, I loved, one that gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people and establish deep friendships. Tomorrow, I will be in a completely different environment. I won’t see familiar faces. I’ve got to be honest: I’m freaking out!

There just comes a point when you feel too comfortable with the norm, and so you seek for something new. Fear of the unknown is partly what grapples me. There is so much to discover in this world and so seeking opportunities that keep you on your toes is an exciting feat. There is no guarantee of success (for the pessimists, this is well noted) in this endeavor, but there will definitely be a ton of things to learn. And that, for me, is enough to put this new chapter in the bag.

So here’s to cap-off an amazing 2011. To friends, lovers, or nothing, I’m looking forward to sharing awesome adventures with you in 2012 and beyond! Cheers! πŸ™‚


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