Of a Sleepless Night and Mushy Thoughts


So here we are, still awake, pondering over the most mundane things that would come to mind. How I wish my thoughts right now would gravitate towards the more pressing issues faced by today’s world (as what is suggested in the image) but unfortunately, they pertain to the more individualistic and emotional lot. And I want to write about it. So, yeah.

Here are some of the self-proclaimed grave conditions of the heart for 20-something single girls that need to be remedied in this day and age–

The Grade School Game Theory:  The condition where you deliberately torment the person you like because you’re in denial with your feelings of infatuation.
When you like someone, let them know that you like them (whether explicitly or implicitly, that is your call) – especially when you’re in the yuppy phase of your life. Being shy and defensive about one’s feelings for another, I now find out, is plain old crappy and childish. Such behaviour is so circa 1990’s (assuming that you, my dear reader, were born in the same decade that I was) and should be left in that era. Mayans have prophecied that in about 11 month’s time, the world is going to end. So there’s not much point in bullying or making the person you actually like hate you because that is just plain stupid. And if you’ve been wired to function that way since you were born, have yourself rewired. I know I need to.

The Katy Perry Album #1: The condition where, in your effort to stave off the awkwardness, you steer the dynamic to make yourself regarded as “one of the boys”.
Yes, this strategy is fairly convenient but it sends all the wrong signals altogether. One of the suckiest things is to find out that the person you like looks at you like a sister (and as Katy aptly puts it, it leaves you nothing but blisters!). There is merit in knowing where the fine line is between engaging the person you like into a friendship that has a potential to be something more and just going all out and sharing everything with that person, including laughing vehemently at his green jokes and outdoing him at coming up with the most perverted humour in this world. Again, there are lines to be wary of.

The Picky Eater: The condition where you immediately evaluate someone based on your checklist of about 30 or so qualification items before even considering to start something with that person. No one is perfect! I’m not saying that you should throw away your checklist; by all means keep it (although I’m fairly sure there’s not much point in throwing away a physical list as it’s already embedded in your head)! I think it’s good to be sure of yourself and to know what you like. But you’ll never know when someone will surprise you. Another sucky thing is when someone almost completes your list of qualifications, you find out he fancies you, you ignore it, he starts fancying someone else and then you see that he does, after all, complete the list but you just didn’t give him a chance to. So don’t be too quick to judge as you don’t want to be judged too quickly yourself. 🙂

So that is the round-up of the things that are aimed to be resolved, moving foward. No oversharing of actual experiences for now, let’s just see where this goes.

Thoughts on any more conditions of this sort that need some patching, yeah?

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  1. Goldy I miss you! Haven’t seen you in the longeeesssstttt time! “When you like someone, let them know that you like them (whether explicitly or implicitly, that is your call) – especially when you’re in the yuppy phase of your life. ” –> so true, you just have to go for it and risk your self-esteem, and if di gyud kaya because of all the ‘good girls don’t flirt’ philosophy ingrained in so many of us, there are baby steps, like making a blog and being all cryptic about a boy you like, or adding him on ym (or bbm today?). :)) happy new year goldz! mwah! -welga

    1. Welgiiiii! I just noticed this comment. I miss you more! This post is just my version of saying “life doesn’t always give you what you want on a silver platter – so go go go for it!” Hahaha! I’m more comfortable with the thought that not a lot of people know that I maintain a blog, nor have I succumbed to the fad that is BBM. So these baby steps are a real effort on my part! Let’s meet when your busy schedule permits you, attorney! Kung Hei Fat Choi! XOXO. 😀

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