Them Occasional Introspections


The cool breeze. The inarguable fact that it’s a weekend and that, unfortunately, tomorrow marks the start of another weekday. The paradoxical silence and noise of the urban jungle as I lie on the sofa, alone in the condo, blogging on my phone, with the occasional sounds of cars and screams from people bathing in the pool to accompany me. The blanket of clouds that look so stark white in contrast to the rich blue sky (it’s actually violet, according to scientists. It’s just the human perception that makes it look blue). It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, being a couch potato. There is merit in doing nothing for the sake of nothing.

Sometimes, it pays to just stop, reflect and appreciate what’s around you, what you have, how you’ve been and who you are amidst the grander scheme of things.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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