A Grand Gesture for No One

“My ways reveal my character”, says a sign from Calaruega. So by the principles of syllogism, you are what you share. On that note, even though I’ve barely had airtime with you, it feels like I’ve known you for so long.

Pardon the John Mayer reference. You can’t blame me for being smitten. I feel like the creepiest creep only looking at the side rails as you post what you post or say what you say at meetings. Your soul is beautiful.

Some people say I come off as someone strong, robotic, and even heartless at times but this shell, like most other shells, can also break. There are moments of vulnerability and this blog post is a testament to that. Let’s face it, I know I’m not alone when I write these words. There are a whole pack of us. We feel that life is complete and wonderful as it is as we continue to tread forward each day. Then we catch ourselves in an unfathomable, breathtaking moment. And in that moment, we’d wish there was someone beside us to share it with.

This onset is most likely triggered by an overdose of Gossip girl. Note that moment where Serena confesses her love to Dan but eventually gets nothing back. Newsflash ladies and gentlemen, it is possible to get hurt without actually being with someone. Unrequited love’s a betch if you ask me.

Then again there are those moments where people make a move at you with you being oblivious about it. You then just find out a person’s motives once you’ve shared your story to friends. Comes off surprising for someone whose brain is figuratively coated with shiznit loads of green moss, aye? At the end of the day, it still wouldn’t matter because he’s not the one whom your heart beats for. Why can’t things be easy, be straightforward? Why do I keep putting you in a pedestal? Why can’t I bring myself to talk to you normally? It’s so easy to strike a conversation with everyone else, all but you.

I don’t care for the life of me if people read this and think how pathetic these girly girl problems of mine are. There, I said it. It’s out there. Let the universe take its course. Checkmate.


2 thoughts on “A Grand Gesture for No One

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  1. Aaww ate! I feel for you! “it’s so easy to strike a conversation with everyone else but you”–same dilemma!weird noh?!tsss!!!

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