Beats for the Beaches

On days like these when even the office AC can’t keep you cool despite wearing office clothes that can be categorized as borderline scantily clad, any person would just want to make this heat official by heading out to the beach. On that note, I am not in any beach as of this writing though I sure as hell wished I were – 9 days without it and counting. Akkkk! I miss it so bad. Caught in a bad romance. Errr.

For the meantime, here’s my reco round-up of nice beats to bring on your next beach trip – songs I’ve experienced sunbathing to first-hand, or tunes that just make me want to somersault my way to the beach like an impulsive weirdo. Note: I’m not even going to attempt including Lady Gaga’s Summerboy or L.F.O.’s Summer Girls in this list. Please.

  • The entire Kaskade – Strobellite Seduction album.ย  Angel on My Shoulder personally stuck to me the most.
  • Anything Bob Marley! I swear if you think I’m not stating the obvious, I don’t know where you’ve hung out or what shell you’ve been living inside in!
  • Chilliteesย  (Extra Rice ++) . I’m so happy to have encountered their music in Malasimbo. Their album is so… chill. Duh. Perfect for lazing around. They have other singles out too, all of which I think are equally awesome. My favorite is Sama Na. Perfect song for that “Yes woman” mindset. Here’s another one of their singles with a beachy theme to the video (interesting how spontaneous they were at making it, too – see video desc):
  • June Marieezy – Summertime. Getting stoked for later’s Manila Music festival got me bumping into this girl’s music. Nothing fancy. Just really straightforward, honest-to-goodness offbeat Pinoy music.
  • Sugar Ray – Dance Like No One’s Watching. And this is the song I’ve been putting on repeat ever since a colleague recommended the song to me.


That said, I look forward to the day when I shall be one with the waters again. For now, I’ll have to settle with waterguns, then. ๐Ÿ™‚


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