A Digestive Challenge-y Weekend!

This weekend, I managed to stay away from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that  resemble even the slightest bit of an SNS–  but not from food. I guess this is the trade-off? Psyche. I’m just making an excuse for all the indulgences I’ve allowed myself. My 2nd brother was around for the weekend (we’ll be sending him off to the airport in a few minutes to catch his flight back home) and so this was an opportune time to engage in a foodstuffing adventure!

We had Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese for Saturday and Coffee Rock Salt and Cheese for Sunday from Happy Lemon. Mmmm.

As most of the people in the Metro already know, the contrasting layers that can be found in this drink make for a bombshell of an experience. You can even ask my 4-year old nephew. I’ve got documentation to back it up. No, wait. You can’t. His mouth is full!

For Saturday dinner, we got scrumptious burgers to go from Charlie’s in Pasig! For a joint with a plain look-and-feel, the price point is a bit on the steep side but it’ll definitely leave you with a fully occupied tummy. Their seemingly normal size left my big bear of a brother full to the brim!

Oh, and don’t forget to check your food to make sure everything’s in! I, for one, didn’t do this and ended up throwing tantrums at home upon the discovery that they’ve forgotten to throw in the Jalapeños I ordered. Suffice it to say that I am now at peace with that mishap. And did I mention the mounds of fries you can get here at just P30.00? Skin on, just the way I like it. Define sulit. See, I AM at peace with that mishap. Haha.

For Sunday lunch, we stayed home as my Ate prepped her Baked Salmon coupled with Blanched Kangkong that are to-die-for. She only whips this up when there are special guests at home so boohoo for us regulars.

I suggested for her to dab some cheese onto the Salmon next time to take a shot at replicating that well-known dish from Conti’s. Imma document how that goes soon.

Oh, and I just really wanted to insert this picture, non-food related this may be, to feature my camwhoring tales in Toy Kingdom:

Hee. The Hulk and I look so cute together. I don’t mind ending up with someone like this as long as he transforms back to Mark Ruffalo.

For dinner, we were supposed to explore more offbeat joints along the area but ended up with closed establishments here and there. However, for inherently food-oriented people with empty stomachs, it is only natural for us to end up clamoring for whatever nourishment that was in reach. Lo and behold, we ended up eating at Hap Chan in Makati.  I was sad to find out that they didn’t have duck (seriously, where have all the ducks gone?!). Good thing that ground pork thingy in lettuce I tried for the first time was the bomb. Potential tantrum averted.

And now I find myself here in front of the computer, blogging about the gastronomical weekend that was. Until the next one! Weeeee!


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