Withdrawal Symptoms

That moment when you backread some of your posts and realize the shiznit-loads of grammatical mishaps soiled across your blog. Ick. Or that moment where you browse through old photos in your drive and are just in utter mesmerization of the variances of your cheek size across time. Or the myriad of hues you’ve subject your hair to. Chestnut. Medium Brown. Orange. Red. Purple. Wow. Or the music of the 90’s that dominates your playlist because you have the time to pick each and every song you want to go back to. Ahhhh. Alternative activities abound when you have spare time freed up due to the non-indulgence of any SNS.

And indeed, abound they were. Over the weekend, I taught one of my nephews to swim in deep water. Brave chap.

Also, at the age of 23, I am proud to say that I was finally able to read Tuesdays with Morrie over the weekend. Come on, don’t judge. I am not an avid book reader and I suppose this is one of the things only a few people know about me. I am simply not patient enough to subsist going through lengthy reads, and when I do, it’s usually because I just feel compelled to keep up with the buzz (insert motivator-for-reading-the-Harry-Potter-series-and-often-being-one-of-the-first-people-to-buy-the-book-on-release-dates here).  I’m generally fine with reading articles here and there.

Oh. My. God. Do I have commitment issues? Why did I realize this just now? This is too much to deduce in one sitting. Going back to the topic–

A few insights I took away after that read:

  • Be involved. Leave a mark.
  • If the culture doesn’t work, don’t buy it. Define what makes you happy.

That bitch of a story made me cry. So touching. So simple. Nothing fancy or complex. It then got me thinking: perhaps the most quintessential things that make life wonderful are simple. And they are beautiful precisely because of their simplicity. Maybe.

Oh, and now Clocks by Coldplay is playing on my list. Is this even a 90’s song? Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease? This song gets me thinking further. Some ancient guy used to espouse that an unexamined life is not worth living. So this lyric serves as a starting point for some food for thought.

These SNS withdrawal symptoms, damn it! Day 6 of 7. One more day.


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