Coffee Buzz Blurbs


The plot thickens, but this coffee cream topping does not. This is frustrating, like one of many frustrations this day has slapped on my face.

I do not know what I am doing. I chase time. I chase the exceeding of expectations. I chase knowledge.

I do not know the true essence of net adds. I do not know how to properly extract revenue figures from the currently screwed up database, among others. I am screwed.

Drinking hot tea on an empty stomach feels like getting a massage on your insides. Mmmmm.

You may take me out of this place I’m in but you won’t ever take out the Pinoy in me. I will say “po” as much as J. Cole says “niggah” in his compositions. I am smitten by his hip-hop immersions and by his intelligence. They say, once you go black, you’ll never go back.

My chocolate cupcakes are not black, they are brown. My banana cupcakes are oddly too brown. Brown sugar bordering on Muscovado tendencies is the culprit.

Sickness sucks. Limitlessness is the belief; crisis situations pull us back to reality. Working from home is difficult. Remotely seeing things through is a challenge. I wonder how long-distance relationships work. Or is it even related to this frame of thought?

I daydream. I want to be a DJ. I want to make people party and let loose. I want to let loose. I want to drift and land on the sea until the waves bring me to the beach. 2 more weeks until summer ends. I want more of that beachy fix.

I will get a tattoo– after I get a six-pack. I want to experience snow. This Dolores girl from The Cranberries keeps singing, “does anyone care?”

I suppose I do.

Life is like a deck of cards. There are different values of each card, different suits. There needs to be a perfect balance between suits. Else, like a game of Bridge, or of Hearts (I swear, no pun intended), you’ll be the 1st to break the suit. And, of course, the aim is to get the Ace in any suit you’re in to win.

I like Suits. Swimsuits, men in suits, yes, but more the show, Suits. I love how someone compared me to Harvey. The guy has balls – literally and figuratively speaking. I wish to have bigger figurative balls as I strive for that Ace in my suit of cards.

Ramblings above are borne out of that big helping of coffee I had over lunch and from getting buzzed over giving that coffee topping a taste and from realizing that tomorrow is another day to face tough challenges – where I either end up conquering them or get consumed by them (in which case I’ll learn something from it, anyway).

Learning by doing – and possibly making mistakes is a bitch but I suppose that’s how life is. I accept. Shit. I must be growing up.


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