Chronicles of Breaking Ze Comfort Zone: 1


In about a month or so, I will be doing something for the 1st time. I’ll be going to 3 Philippine destinations for 3 days for purposes of leisure and reflection- on my own. Sure, I’ve taken numerous flights on my own, but it was always with the assurance that either someone was going to be there on the other side to pick me up or that I had a definite address to tell the cab driver where to go to- a place I consider home.

This soon-to-be onset will diverge from that trend.

Because I have respect for the Japanese and am an avid subscriber of the “just in time” framework, people who know me well enough would not be surprised to find out that I have not prepared for anything – except my flight details. No accommodations yet, no itineraries, no peeking at maps to rely on, nada.

I therefore beg the question, dear intarweb, where is a good place to stay (that is affordable, of course, but decent) and what would be great things to do that can fit in one day in the following cities?


Yup, those are the big three. I’m scarexcited for this new venture to promote local tourism, to test my extent of independence by doing this on my own without relying on anybody else while doing this thing, and to discover and rediscover things, elements, what have you.

When one iminent challenge rains on your parade, at least there are other challenges to look forward to.
Suggestions, anyone? Ü

4 thoughts on “Chronicles of Breaking Ze Comfort Zone: 1

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  1. May I just say, I envy you for this experience but I also admire you at the same time, tapang much. hehe. Excited for you! go lang ng go!

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