Bouncing Back


All these stark validations of my failures slapped on my face will no longer define me.

Being cornered in a helpless place is one thing, choosing to remain cornered is another. I now realize that.

I am more than a part of my life.
Some things are beyond my control. I am letting go. I will focus my energies on matters I feel passionate about and will be where I am wanted. I will spend time with people who matter to me and those who I matter to.

I will listen and heed the advice of people whose lives are worth emulating. Thank you, universe, for giving me amazing mentors who remind me to explore the world and pursue my passions, to travel and reinvent myself, as well as give me pointers that, yes, I might be a tad healthier by going to the gym, but legitimate testosterone can be found in interests involving contact sports.
Damn right, my mentors are hella witty too.

I will accept the reality that I cannot please everyone. I shall not be bothered by this. Pain, they say, is just weakness exiting the body. All these affirmations and rejections will define my strength of character. Principles are not principles unless they cost me something. The most potent sword was tempered under the hottest of flames. Yes, that was my feeble attempt to insert a metaphor.

I will revel in the therapeutic process of baking and giving people a sugar rush.
I will continue my obsession with make-up and remake those Michelle Phan looks the best way I know how.
I will write and write to my heart’s content. I want to be Lena Dunham-esque, with her uncanny ability to put the jaded realities of 20-something women into writing.
I will continue to explore new fields now unknown to me. Thank God for hefty online resources.
I will read my fix of novels for my enjoyment, at my own pace.
I will be confident in my set of truths but I will respect others enough not to impose my truths on them.
I will continue to travel and discover the world, backpacker style. Future self, although I want you to be super loaded in the future, I wish for nothing more than for you to still be in touch with the realities of the world, no matter how beautiful they are or otherwise.


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