The Proverbial Icing


Getting a full body massage while Arctic Monkey’s Fluorescent Adolescent is playing. Brings me back to memory lane.

Making amends with indispensable people in my life. Let bygones be bygones. Having coffee with them and going through this caffeine-induced insomnia. I am sleepless but I am happy.

Listening to an all-Incubus playlist on this rainy stretch of days. Having enough reason to wear boots and don all the layers that’ll guard me from the weather – not to mention serve as a perfect excuse to make a fashion statement.

Reveling over the bittersweet feeling that Crash Into Me invokes as I listen to it on my way home. Getting hung over a person after all this time but practicing due diligence not to meddle in affairs where property rights are involved. This voluntary pain validates that I am, after all, functioning normally as a human.

Drowning into Late Night Alumni in spite of all the hectic activity to keep things zen and in tune.

Realizing that age is just a number and that experience is a significant variable of maturity.

Being in awe of a friend’s venture into motherhood. Engaging in conversations of epidurals, dilations, diapers, sleeping schedules and overall child rearing.

Catching up with good old friends and keeping the tradition alive. Trying stuff for the 1st time, say,drinking Jamba Juice and regretting my parfait order that’s kinda reminiscent of bird food.

Going home early from work and having the time to write, learn a language, bake and practice make-outup skills.

Celebrating over that Avicii playlist pumping over the gym’s speakers. Helps keep the heart rate in the red zone.

Sharing an elevator ride with a cute neighbor on the way to work.

Buttercream, ganache or fondant. These are the little things that make life sweet.

I’m hella


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