An Appeal to Le Roi Soleil

I can’t find my earphones. I’ve subjected my body to different and occasionally queer positions all in the pursuit of finding my earphones. I need my music – my mutually exclusive, competing, excludable music. And I just discovered that my trusty red matte lipstick is gone. Nada. It must have fallen inside the trash bin unnoticed. Lesson learned: position trash bin far, far away from make-up stash. Duh.

Okay, so I know that there’s so much more to be concerned about at this point in time than my earphones or my tube of lipstick that have gone MIA  i.e. the people in flooded areas, other stranded people, the redevelopment costs involved with this onslaught of Mother Nature’s tears, among other things. Of course I care about these issues too. I’d just rather write about things non-Habagat related.

This is what I admire about the Islam belief. One of their pillars of faith, Zakah, dwells on alms-giving and puts significant weight on the anonymity of the generous act. Similar to the left hand – right hand lesson in the Bible, I suppose. Speaking of religion, Eid ul Fit’r is nearby! Thus marks the end of Ramadan for the year! Yes, this deserves exclamation – brought about by that chapter in Superfreakonomics dwelling on the relationship between a cohort of mothers’ observance of religious practices, subjection to plagues,  and other variables and its relation to their offspring outcomes.  I do hope expecting mothers opt out of fasting for the meantime. Come on, there’s still next year, right?

In other mundane news that’s of a lighter note, I was so happy to be dancing with my 2-year old nephew whenever we’d finish narrating the alphabet. Yes, tonight, we celebrated over the alphabet. The look on his face was priceless by the time we’d reach the letter Z. We’d then tap dance together like monkeys. I’d then attempt to give him a high-five, but he consistently would run away. Then we start again with A, B, C–

Speaking of kids, I was thinking of naming my would-be daughter Sophia Helen so I can call her Lenny. Yes, I have an inexplicable love for things and ideas associated with the Medieval. And imagine how cool it would be to have your daughter named after one of the sexiest rock singers of your time. Oh yeah.

And while I refuse to exude my own efforts in helping out and prefer to keep them to myself, I’d rather enjoin my dear intarweb friends to sing these songs with me. This’ll keep the rain out, I hope.


And my most favorite Sun-related song of all time!



If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a rain it would be. But it’s not. So Sun, my love, please come out soon. Sooner than my gay friends come out of their closets, I hope!





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