Random Rainy Ramblings


I find myself seeking shelter in the bar lounge of New World Hotel this late a night, or this early a day, however dear reader chooses to look at it. I soak myself in the upbeat music along with Mr. Sofa and Ms. Chair who have graced themselves with their presence as I eat my yummy Mushroom and Mozzarella Cheese Quesadillas and keep myself alert with some helping of Cappuccino. Others call it independence, some others call it the pinnacle of loneliness. I call it making the most out of where I am and what I have at this point in time.

I browse through my Facebook and Twitter feeds and come across an article that presents traits of long-term versus short-term thinkers. Predictably, said article concludes that persons who tend to plan and are comfortable with delayed gratification are more likely to succeed in life than those who immediately indulge and live in the moment. Gets me thinking, this text. Execution of grand plans and passions should be underway soon.

Hey, even the upbeat music inside this place isn’t enough to mask the sound of the rainfall outside. Ahhh, timing. ‘Tis the season where cab drivers tend to transform into unreasonable opportunists. They too, respond to supply and demand, and accordingly, respond to incentives.

That The Mistress movie I watched earlier with officemates was something. Why do love scenes in Filipino movies always seem awkward? It’s like the actors have been forced to get themselves into it. This makes me feel uncomfortable, and it reminds me of human trafficking victims for some reason. Negative thought. Eek! Yeah, our actors are definitely better off crying than making out, I conclude.

They’ve stopped the music now, and I cannot hear the rainfall anymore. Time to commence my journey going home. Need rest for Yoga tomorrow! Or later. And this is where my soliloquy ends. Ü

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