The Twilight Zone

It’s the darkest time throughout the entire day before the sun rises. They also say one’s mind is clearest at the point right before you’re about to sleep. Crammers cram because this wave of productivity surges in right before the deadline.

I find myself in the office on a lovely Sunday afternoon to prepare for this big report that’s supposed to encapsulate how the business has done for the past year. This immense dose of responsibility is new to me. Daunting and exciting at the same time.

But above and beyond work, which is just one part of my life, I find myself caught in between ends. On one end of the spectrum, there is this imposed notion molded by society as a collective on norms. Women should totally get married before they get to their 30’s because their ovaries serve as a biological clock for an ideal time to engage in childbirth. Managers should take their MBA ideally in their late 20’s so they’re seasoned enough to bring relevant insights into class discussions. As a woman, it’s dangerous to travel on your own. Don’t come home late because the streets are full of bad people. You should have X much by Y time so you’re ready to settle down by Z.

On the other end, one can also say that if the system doesn’t work, don’t buy it. Going along with the trends of the times is sensible, and when looking at it on a macro perspective, it is convenient. But then again, is convenience the pursuit? Please allow me to borrow Jesse’s words in Before Sunset: “What he wants is to fight for meaning. Happiness is in the doing, right? Not in the getting what you want.” Cheers to that.

At the end of the day, it’s not about who’s earned more money or picking something else measurable in this world and using it to compare yourself with others in order to gauge how far you’ve come along. You, and only you alone can tell if you’ve achieved your endeavors of self-actualization.

Just saying.

Now, back to drowning in activities involving strategical-thinking and norm-related things. Happy Sunday.


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