24: Frak, Caffeine & their associations

Difficulties compel us to realize what we want and what we don’t want in life.

It makes us realize and know ourselves more. It shows us which principles are being put in practice, and which are thrown to the curb.

It unravels the substance from the form – or reveals the lack of substance in form.

Where there is immersion in the diversity among roles and backgrounds, the opportunity to flesh out the rawest of emotions and reactions arises.

I feel that the experiences I’ve subjected myself to for this year (discounting expected experiences for balance year) are what seems to be 10-years’ worth of experience all cramped into 3 full quarters. Wowzah. In the urgency and activity of matters, there was more doing than thinking involved. And looking at it retrospectively, it’s amazing what a roller coaster ride it has been.

It’s well and good to be in a place in life that makes one happy and comfortable. That’s well and nice. It’s when one is set in troubled waters though, that one appreciates inner strength. One quickly engages in the process of self-discovery per unit time.

I have learned that there are a lot of sharks out there, therefore one must not bleed. It is ideal to have people who cover your ass, but most of the time, it’s you alone who covers your own. Inasmuch as there are a myriad of viewpoints from the people around you, there are also a myriad of means intended by each one, often to achieve a common end. One is guided by their principles as to which means to execute, let alone, whether said viewpoint respects the means in achieving the end in the first place. We all have our own truths, therefore we live and let live.

They say that when you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s no way to go but up. To achieve a steep upslope, one’s high point must have been viewed in reference to a fairly low point. Suddenly the advice on resilience from a mentor is echoing in my head.

Good coffee kick, good outlook, good resilience, good fight, good night!

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