Of The Company of Great Souls & Associated Post-contemplations

If there’s anything this night has taught me, it’s that I’m tired of fitting in. I truly, truly just want to be myself amidst the opinion of others. This past week when I just allowed myself to let loose and express myself, things turned out to be great! Tonight, it felt good to dine with friends who appreciated each other by giving everyone their due dose of raw honesty. Brings me back to my lunch breaks of 2011.

Wearing this cream chiffon jumpsuit tonight has paved the way for me to realize that I should start claiming for the things I want in life. Under the precepts of my peer group being in their corporate attires as mandated by their respective organizations, my friend goes and asks, “Hey, what happened to your shirt and jeans?”. I just went ahead and answered, “I’m tired of fitting in”. She then goes on to say, “You know what, all this time, I was just waiting for you to say that.”

God, I love my friends.
I love how I was able to host an event for the 1st time this week. I am honestly looking forward to more.
I love how I’m regarded as someone who has a good singing voice, even though I just think I have an epic talking voice. Yes, I just said that.
I love organizing events.
I love talking about pop-culture and pertinent social issues over my coffee break. I love discovering different brews of coffee.
I love pondering over the great shopping deals I’ve gotten recently.
I love how I’ve evolved to cope and compartmentalize amidst the gray areas between love and friendship.
I love Skye Fridays and Yoga Saturdays.
I love the lessons that travelling has taught me. Life is so much more than what I see in my immediate milieu.
I love how I’m with people who understand me.
I love how 2012 has been, and I will love the remainder of its days.

I love how I’m pumped for more.

This post is so self-absorbed. And I am totally claiming it. รœ


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