March: Goldy did Rada

So one of my best friends goes and says that at least Aaron of ADF gets to update his blog despite his busy school schedule. I took this as a challenge. I am rising to the occasion. With 25 minutes left until ManCom, I will write a blog entry. So you better read this, Ea.

Here is me walking along the Rada sidewalk. I loved Silver Linings Playbook so much that I decided to wear my big black hoodie despite the scorching heat of the noon sun:


I am holding my pineappsicle which is basically composed of a halved and peeled Pineapple that was bought in Kuya Ate’s jolly jeep for the sweet price of P15.00. Serving as the popsicle is my handy dandy office spoon.

Here’s another ugly photo taken by Brendon:


I’m still holding my pineappsicle.

When we arrived to our trusty coffee place at Mister Donut Dela Rosa Carpark 2 Branch (of which I am Foursquare mayor – yeehaw!), Brendon decided to be the model of my popsicle:


While waiting for our coffee, Ea took a picture of the back of my hoodie. God, I love this geeky hoodie:


When our brewed coffees arrived, we then go on to put sugar and cream to the mix. For purposes of bad-assery, I have my coffee black. Because you know what they say: once you go black, you never go back.

Here’s Ea with her coffee:


And that, my friend/s, is my 2nd post of the year. 17 minutes left to prepare for other more gripping matters in life. Faretheewell! Ü


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