Hurray for Earth Day!

I honestly thought Earth Day was on 4/20 because of all the 4/20 posts I saw on SNS. Good thing I dodged further incidence of what would otherwise have been idiocracy by mindlessly tweeting “Happy 4/20! Happy Earth Day!”. Thank God for the existence of the instaconvenient educator that is Google. Whew.

Instead of honoring 5-fingered Mister M last Saturday, me and my friends decided to honor Miss M instead. Wait for it, this is going to sound fairly cheesy, but I’m going with this anyway. I think it’s awesome. Yes, I said it – we honored Mother Nature.

Being in Manila, the most urban of all jungles in this country, there are a few spots left that hold on to the supposed natural ecosystem. One of these spots is Freedom Island, a watershed along Coastal Road that is home to more than 80 species of wildlife. Needless to say, this mangrove is worth preserving.

Adjacent to this island is what would have been an amazing beach coast that would be great for viewing fisherboats in the morning, or witnessing the glorious sunset in the afternoon. Instead, our mismanaged garbage has left the coast looking like this:


Breathtaking, NOT. And so, in our own little ways, we try to help out the way we know how. Last Saturday, we decided to participate in the clean-up activity of the Save Freedom Island movement. Here’s us getting down and dirty:

And here’s me with the Ms. Earth candidates, as we listen in to the opening remarks of this event. Photobomber! Haha:

It served to be a meaningful and enjoyable activity. There’s a lot of insight to be realized while trying to tidy the place up from all that plastic, foil, rubber and God-knows-what-else. Also, cigarette butts apparently take long to decompose. Let’s work on disposing of them properly? Better yet, let’s get on to Day 1 of the quitting program, stat!

Making the Earth cleaner while bonding with my girls: two birds in one frigging stone! Not that I condone the actual throwing of stones at birds. It was just a figure of speech, I promise.

To add to the issue, Freedom Island is being slated for reclamation. Politicians who are pro-reclamation have actually proposed “moving the watershed” to another location. Really smart, guys. You deserve a whipping from Ms. Minchin, I swear.

This is why environmental activists are making a buzz in efforts to save this island. My friend Angel is fairly enthusiastic in this movement too, and has incorporated it into her fashion statement:

Good girl.

So if we want to avoid saying captions like, “an orgy marriage of nature and garbage”, we better be more conscious and conscientious as consumers.
Ugh, right?

And so, given this, here are a couple of manageable transitions I think we can do to to help out (and no, a tip as vague and cliché as Reduce-Reuse-Recycle is not part of the list. Concrete action steps, loves!):

• Not preparing your own food? Dine in as much as you can. Taking out entails using disposable materials and packaging that will add on to the aggregate clutter of this world.

• Dispose of your junk properly – wet/dry; biodegradable/non. Be it your cigarette butts and/or condoms, use but do not abuse. Dispose properly.

• Go for those ecobags when you shop. Get a trusty and stylish one if you must. Use it again and again, while expressing your fantabulous fashion sense at the same time. I know, I know, I’m not alone in saying that there are more tacky eco bag designs than there aren’t. Do I smell a business idea? Hashtag “Turn passion into profit”!

More green ideas can be found here. (And by green, I meant Earth-friendly. Ahem.) This inspired me to do this blog post. Thank you, universe!

Let’s make everyday Earth Day! Huzzah!


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