Manetaming Chronicles: The Pixie Upkeep

After exactly a month since having my hair chopped off super short for the 1st time (so short that my mom, who was and is on the far opposite side of the country from where I am, was on the verge of throwing a fit when she found out through SNS), I find myself back in a hair salon across my office, ready and willing to have these strings of dead cells on my head chopped further.

Before I get into the details of the experience, I’d like to establish that there were sufficient efforts made to try to get someone to maintain my hairdo for free. I asked my sister who remains proud of the haircuts she gives to her sons. I thought to myself, my hair isn’t so different from my nephews, so why don’t I join the bandwagon? Unfortunately, said sister sworn upon herself to take haircutting lessons first before she charters into the territory of cutting my hair.

I respect that.

So I resorted to asking my SNS friends. Posting a status to ask if anyone was willing to cut my hair, my girlfriends just go on to affirm that having a Pixie do does entail a lot of maintenance. Another friend offered to cut my hair but she wanted to pattern it after Justin Bieber’s look.

I would rather buy my own razor and shave all my hair off myself. A politely delivered “No, thanks” is in order.

Okay, on to the meat of this post.
I’d made my reservations OTP yesterday for the lunch appointment today. As it was my first time to try the service of Menagé Salon at their Legazpi Village, Makati branch, I didn’t know who among the stylists to set an appointment with. I decided to leave it to the receptionist to choose the stylist that does the best job in doing pixie cuts.


Using my lunch hour for this session, I was greeted by the receptionist who referred me to Joey, my stylist. Above is documentation of me after getting my hair shampooed. The whole towel-wrapped-on-my-head look kinda reminds me of the female protagonist in Happythankyoumoreplease, hence the decision to include this in my post. Heh.

The place was fairly spaceous and bright, classic and sleek. Light was coming in from the glass facade at the front. There were only a couple of seats which averted the whole busy disorganized scene that tends to happen at other salons.

Long story short, it took the whole lunch hour to have my hair trimmed, but man was it worth it. Even though I was attending to my Harper’s Bazaar mag, I could feel the attention to detail that Joey gave in cutting my hair. He used shears, and none of those blade comb thingies that usually make the haircut process faster (and easier for the stylists) but compromises the health of the hairstrands. Needless to say, I walked off that establishment one happy and satisfied pixie person. And yes, I was reading the April 2013 issue of the magazine with Selena Gomez on the cover. Coincidentally, a Selena song plays as my haircut was about to finish.


That was me while getting my post-cut drying. Joey then took over again and artfully waxed my hair with all his slight tugs here and there. Below is a bad photo I took of my newly manetamed head while waiting for my brother to come down from work:


So there you have it, if you’re on to get your pixie cut or have it maintained, Joey of Menagé Salon in Rada Street is your go-to person. It’s worth every buck! If you have trouble spotting him, he’s that flambouyant stylist who’d dance to the beat when he’s standing idly. He also wears chic hipster eyeglasses, which is one more reason to trust him with your hair!

Whether it’s because of the unreasonable heat this season or if it’s part of your bucketlist to chop your hair off, I hope this post has helped some giddy, scarexcited girl out there who’s in joyful anticipation to dive into the world of pixie. Ü

Looking forward to share my Jing Monis experience for my first-ever pixie cut – soon!

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