Inner Battle

It is seven minutes shy ’til 8AM and I am still in bed, engaging in an internal debate whether I should go to Yoga class or not. I still haven’t gotten onto the meat of my presentation outline for the business review session set with our partners this week. I have been experiencing pain in my left wrist for several days now. I sprained my right thumb during Gentle Flow class yesterday morning when I carelessly landed on my spider fingers instead of my palms. I could be spending time doing other things.

But the Sunday morning Sun is glorious and wonderful. It is only fitting to pay gratitude by way of Surya Namaskars.

Pain reminds me of my humanness. Pain is an intense feeling but it is, like most other things in this world, temporary. I look forward to learning more from what my body will tell me today.

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

I wish everyone a jubilant and fruitful Sunday morning!


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