Eco-Friendly Pursuits: The Cutiepatootie Ecobag

It wasn’t too long ago that I’ve expressed my frustrations as a consumer on how there is a general lack of aesthetically pleasing ecobags out there. Lo and behold, I found myself in a Robinson’s Department Store last weekend after watching Iron Man with my nephews. There it was – The One.


This is admittedly too colorful for others’ tastes but I find that it suits my preferences just right: it’s big, it has elements of purple and I got a 25% discount when I bought it. Okay, so it was supposed to be 40 pesos and I bought it for 30. Ahh, the power of spinning numbers.

I think I got the discount because my total purchase amount exceeded 1,000 pesos. I was so amused by the smorgasbord of Whatever statement shirts I found. I can’t wait to wear them to Yoga class!

Okay, going back to the bag. Everytime you use the bag to shop again in their store, you get 5 pesos off your purchase total.


I love how they chose to go with incentivizing rather than penalizing. Although, I am not entirely against the notion of imposing tariffs (I come from an Economics background, after all), packaging efforts like these on a more positive note is something which I think would be more enticing and sustainable. I hope other stores will follow suit, and I hope government will enforce taxation on the use of plastic all throughout the country.

Here’s another design that the store is carrying for their ecobag (left):


How can I not be proud of getting this ecobag with a statement printed on it, saying:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Dalai Lama

I believe that making these baby steps towards being more aware of our consumption habits – be it apparel, or food, or even ideas can steadily and sustainably help in changing this world for the better.

Borrowing some lines from one of Marina and the Diamonds’ songs:

Question what the TV tells you
Question what the pop star tells you
Question mom and question dad
Question good and question bad

Cheers to breaking old habits and finding meaning in new ones. Ü

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