The Power Of Red Lipstick

Thought Catalog

Just as a superhero has their signature item they use when in battle, I put on my red lipstick before I step outside to face the world. Red is a dominant colour, and paired with full lips it acts as my power source. My own signature item wielded as both a shield and a weapon.

I wear red lipstick as a weapon when I want to draw attention to my mouth and the words that issue forth from it. Every idea, opinion, and belief spoken with an assertion that demands respect. Each sentence, carefully chosen and articulated, each point punctuated by a colour that commands attention.

I wear my red lipstick as my shield when I feel insecure, for it is a colour that does not lack confidence. It speaks for me even when I am unable to speak for myself. It refuses to fade into the background and hideโ€ฆ

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