On Writing, Among Others

Fresh from downing my third serving of coffee for the day, I find myself in a cab, a vessel for me to go home and start working on my first paper of my grad school life. Yes, I am living my visualized dream. Thank you, Universe.

While sitting out the Friday night traffic, the cab driver, like most others, was tuned in to Papa Jack’s radio show. While I was preoccupied with browsing my SNS feeds, my attention shifted to the radio waves as Papa Jack gives another serving of his gripping advice to another broken-hearted soul: Life should be a constant quest for happiness. Yes, I was sure it was Papa Jack who was on air and not the Dalai Lama.

Now home, I find myself itching to write for purposes of leisure. But it is imperative for leisure to take a back seat this fated Friday night as I have a deadline for a formal paper in fourteen hours. Let the records show that this is me convincing myself to immerse in the mindset of a Quality Manager beginning in three, two, one–

Once this paper is done and over with (which I will only achieve once I do start to work on it), I promise to write about Nationalism, Gender Discrimination, HIV awareness, The Indie-Mainstream Delineation, Quality Management Applied to the Self, Sociology and Its Pursuits of Liberation from Meta-Narratives, among other topics that have remained stagnant in my drafts.

Yes, I’m logging these main thought points in case I forget. Most of these dwell on inconvenient truths, but truths nonetheless.

Now, onto some formal writing which will be subject to the associated calibration that formal education practices. Ahhh, formalities.

Caffeine High.
Word Vomit.
My New Friday Night Landscape.

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