On Rainy Weather Blues

I couldn’t help myself to resist the urge of tweeting:

The week so far has taught me how to “hate” the game and not the player; how to pry the process and not the person. Here’s to challenging the status quo.

And so, as a person who is vulnerable to her own urges, I did send out this tweet. Yes, two days have passed and life’s occurences have compelled me to express that.

My boss shared a Forbes.com article on leadership. Reading this article paved the way for me to evaluate my own definition of leadership. This brought me back to the final semester of my days as an undergrad student taking an elective on leadership. My biggest takeaway from that class was this:

A principle is not a principle unless it costs you something.

So this gets me thinking:
Am I being a good leader to the people I guide?
Do I inspire and engage, rather than force and impose?
Do I subscribe to sound brands of leadership?
Have I chosen the right leadership influences?
Am I leading my own self soundly?
Is there a vision to my leadership? Am I communicating that vision properly?

This makes me feel grateful because, amidst examples that demonstrate otherwise, I know I have witnessed great leaderships in practice and have been engaged in said leaderships. The discovery of the ideal segments of good leadership has not been a one-size-fits-all process. It has actually been more Masala-like: admiring this virtue from this mentor, that skill from that leader, that discipline from that manager.

I can only begin to aspire how much I want to pay this forward. I have a long way to go. My dreams are big. I have started small, but started still. Start, we must.

Now on Day 23 of the 42 Days to a Blissful Revolution Challenge, today’s lesson was about Aparigraha, or non-attachment. The teaching from the yoga guru dwelt primarily on material possessions, but how this applied to me today was my challenge to detach myself from the negative emotions I have encountered for the day. Seems coincidentally fitting with the focus of this month for Jivamukti yoga, which happens to be: Overcoming Negative Emotions.

When the gap between one’s expectations of a person’s capacity to perform versus his or her actual performance becomes substantial enough, frustration sets in. This is what I have been feeling for the past two days – towards others and towards myself. As we are all inevitably connected, we feel the doubt that lingers in others inasmuch as we feel the stability of others, that which gives us a sense of security.

But the universe is awesome as it keeps on reminding me of the stellar pillars of stability, of exposing me to accountability being put in practice.

It is true what they say about how magic is a shift in perception. We are what we’ve been waiting for.

In other news, I was amused with that article on policeman, Mr. Sevilla. On his first assignment, his primal instincts urged him to cry, but he still went on and did his job. His resilience is worth admiring. Funny how the shedding of tears, an unusual thing to witness amongst policemen, have sparked a positive vibration across Filipino netizens. As Bogart the Explorer once said:

As a general rule, the freedom of any people can be judged by the volume of their laughter.

I am suddenly reminded of that documentary Girl Rising where most girls in Afghanistan are disallowed to fall in love. How lucky we are as a people to have the sovereignty to love, laugh and cry.

This gets me thinking that the expression of emotions in its intense state can actually stand as a proxy for courage. And therefore, with courage comes security of self. With it comes an elevated sense of being, of enlightenment. This then begets happiness. This then begets freedom.

And so with this, let us cry if we must. But cry with a purpose, we shall. Let us weep in the pursuit of something better.

While waiting for the rain to die down, I was watching the latest episode of The Newsroom. The catchphrase of the latest season is: Together We Stand Alone. Amidst this battle between the positives and negatives, I am just amazed at how some people would go at great lengths to get the truth out to the public. Hats off to the heroes of Journalism, and hats off to the creative minds who produce damn good shows.

I am also in the process of reading the full length speech of our president during the SONA yesterday. I’m a third into the speech (it is fairly long, after all) and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the only person who liked it. At least I’m liking the 1st third of it. I am kept engaged with the administration’s emphasis on inclusive growth, benchmarking, indicating timelines and recognition of lapses and creating solutions so said lapses do not happen again.

This week so far has taught me the virtue of patience. This is just not relating to my reading of the full-length SONA speech. This is also about the virtue involved in continuing the fight against shifting the burden, of not caving in to myopic thinking, on looking beyond the short term to achieve sustainable gratification in the long run.

This is in relation to personal goals, worklife, education, social change, yoga practice, and love. Diverse, I know. But these are all interrelated and convergent to me.

No one ever promised that life was going to be easy. Life, I think, can be seen as a battlefield. To end the fight, we gotta fight – Bruce Lee once said. We should all be strong and proud warriors – my favorite yoga teacher would often say.

These are all ideas in my head. Seemingly separate, all chronicled in the attempt of ironing things out.
Let’s make something concrete out of these – together.

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