On Perspective


Lately, I’ve been too engaged in the details, the devil in them – that I’ve forgotten about considering to take the option of stopping, stepping back, and looking at the bigger picture as it is new. A pitstop is in order.

New eyes.
It was enlightening to have dinner with one of my closest friends, discussing about current personal challenges – at work, in planning for the future, on priorities, on making the most out of the finite resource that is time, among others. Amidst the pressures that externalities pose on us, we came to the conclusion that belief in the self is key. It is hard to jump off the springboard when said springboard is shaky. It is funny how elated I feel today, taking away all those realizations. It is refreshing to put on the goggles of positivity again. I just love my friends. They are indeed the family that I chose. I am so blessed.

AA Simulation.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude on the moral support I got after recognizing and admitting that I have been in a dark place lately. It is funny how it is easy to tell whether the intent of people is genuine concern, wanting to uplift you when you’re down, sincerely wishing for your welfare – versus the intent of feeding off your misery to uplift their own selves. Much like support groups, there are a mix of people genuinely wanting rehabilitation, looking forward to transcend and engage with each other to achieve that transcendence. Meanwhile, there is the other bunch in the myopic stage, not too sure and sold on the end goal, more vulnerable to relapses, more likely to drag each other down. I am grateful for the support, grateful for the sincerity of intentions, grateful still for criticisms – they are lessons to be learned, challenges to be accepted. Preconceived notions waiting to be turned downside up.

People Power.
On the point where I felt overwhelmed, grateful and all fuzzy inside about the genuine concern I got from friends, family and acquaintances, I am still in amazement of how collective energies can affect our own energy, creating exponential outcomes. Much like empowering others to achieve milestones, it feels super nice to know that people you’ve mentored are doing things better, doing things right. It is also very humbling for me to learn new things in my class, from my prof, from my classmates, in my workplace, from my mentors, from my colleagues, from my team, and yes – from my mistakes.

For God’s sake, gotta get more power to the people! -Joss Stone

I am super excited to do this personal project! I’m coming up with a list of people I want to thank for making this year awesome for me. I am simply lucky that, in spite of all the roadbumps along the way, I have people who empower me to have a good head on my shoulders, an open heart, and a strong spirit. We are all the same souls, expressed differently, they say.

Here’s to taking it day-by-day.
To living in the present.
To faith – in the universe, in the self.
To the space between you and me, and the energies created within that space.


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