On Building Habits

They say it takes at least 21 consecutive days to build a habit. I like to write. I think it’s time high time to build roots, pursue passions and amplify the voice for the better. Further to this, it’s also a good opportunity to channel my talkative spirit into writing and not bombarding my facebook friends with anything and everything I think of and feel.

What you’ll expect to read?

  • Profiles on the amazing visionaries I’ve had the honor to encounter
  • Musings on challenging the notion of the millennial as flakers (more on that in the next few posts)
  • Chronicles on stuff that are yet to reach the mainstream
  • Lovable local finds
  • My emerging love affair with technology
  • And everything else!

This is my way of addressing FOMO tendencies of a classic chronicler. 21 days it is, baby!

Cheers to pursuits on open book mentalities, more interconnections, respecting spaces (physical AND virtual), experimenting with quantum entanglement, and reducing the size of the 2nd quadrant of the Johari Window!

Convergence pursuits, yes! Convergence > Compartmentalization for the win!

More so, pursuits with purpose!


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