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Okay, so this probably isn’t the most compelling image that would rake in potential reader pull, but perhaps this may very well be the best graphic that encapsulates my week, my month even. In spite of the fact that I’ve been fairly preoccupied the past few days and found myself in a long hiatus from leisurely writing, here I am now, getting this window of opportunity to write, to express.

Ahh, opportunities.

The month isn’t even over yet and I have had the privilege of being introduced to a myriad of wonderful ideas and the people who live by them. In less than two weeks, I have been involved in or eavesdropped on conversations that dwelt on the current paradigm of our country, referring to how our collective thinking is so “out of sight, out of mind”, and how this all aligns with the deeply entrenched “island thinking”.

Some days ago, there was an open door meeting in the conference room, and I happened to catch an anecdote where someone shared of her experience on doing unfamiliar things as being thrown deep into the water and how that compelled her to develop her own paddle.

Last week, I started entering a space where a wonderful quote would greet me every morning:

“I was born poor, but poor was not born in me. And it shouldn’t be born in you either. You can make it. Whatever you may wish to do with your future, you can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but morning comes always. Challenges breed character. Character breeds faith. In the end, faith will not disappoint. You must not disappoint.”

Stuff worth happily cringing for, yes.

The week prior to that, I get the chance to have lunch with such a wonderful person, talking about life, family, passions, and making the world better. I take the time to extend my thanks to this person for sharing wonderful ideas, and she responds by saying that there are no accidents.

This month, God knows I have done a lot of writing – pages and pages of them. I have recently discovered how it’s starting to feel less of an obligation, and more of a ubiquitous activity. In the course of reacting on readings, on putting context in proposals, I have come across eye-opening empirical studies on the various constructs that revolve around technology, economic development, and even international relations. This is somehow awakening the dormant dreamer in me to serve the world in a more magnanimous scale. Is this a sign to go past my daily Duolingo habit and be open to the world in declaring that my ambitions go far beyond hitting the right accent of saying “omelette du fromage”? Time and grit will tell.

Ahhh, how wonderful it is to breathe the same air as the people who advocate for inclusive growth. Beautiful stuff.

One of the econ graphs that always stuck to me was the Lorenz curve. It intrigues me how history has showed us that time and again, tipping the scales too much and disrupting the organic balance of things, political conditions included, has its self-corrective omens coming (read: the French revolution, abolishment of apartheid, Philippine independence, etc.!!!).

Now, I find myself all giddy to join the mission and put forward the opportunity of inclusiveness, equitability, and yes, meritocracy. I am excited to work with an organization that is led by a  paragon of meritocracy. Reminder to self: live by the precepts of honesty to self, hard work and competence.

It is also refreshing to come across people who are born rich, but empathize just as much with current social conditions, adapting a wide and mindful view of the world and are currently taking active measures to make things better.


Is my wish coming true? Am I really living amongst warriors of social change?

Knowledge transfers. Passion spillovers. Can’t wait.

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