The Random Things I’m Grateful For Today

1. Seeing a brightly waxing moon, with the glorious spherical outline making out the rest of the moon showing through. There are some things that ought to be digested experientially, in solitude, perhaps for maximum appreciation.

2. Going on a roadtrip on my own. I’m 25. No biggie. A full-fledged yuppie I may be, I still find joy in doing things for the first time, breaking through preconceived fearful notions. To fear is limiting. To explore is expanding.

3. Walking around the streets of Subic. I had always travelled to this place as a passover, using private transportation. Taking public transport and making the place my final destination is refreshing. Asking directions from strangers validates the capacity of people to be nice, that not everything has vested interests. I saw a Caucatian man driving a tricycle. That was my 1st time seeing that. The vibe of Gapo is quaint, clean, peaceful, with some brewing urbanism.

4. Having parents who trust me. This morning my mom calls to ask me where I am. I tell her I am on my way to Subic. She does her usual round of interrogations, but reminds me that she loves me. Tonight, my dad calls. I tell him I am on my way back to Manila. He reminds me again that he loves me. Physically apart we may be, visceral connections remain and grow. I thank technology for facilitating this growth.

5. Validating my love for technology. The bus has wi-fi. Mobile data works on this side of the country (not that it’s the most rural nook, yeah, but still fairly far from the metro). I can entertain myself through my online entertainment preferences and dodge Enteng Kabisote movie playing in the bus. Today, I learned about the intricacies of search engine marketing. I had experienced sending invoices through e-wallet facilities, and work remotely with people from the other side of the world. I got to catch up with my parents who are on the other end of the country. Cheers to an evolving global commune.

6. Meeting like-minded people. I met a lady in the academe today who shares the same passion for making the country better, for sharing knowledge. We grew up in different areas of the archipelago. She is married with children, I am single and mingling. She’s a baby boomer and I am a millenial. Despite the stark differences, we shared similar viewpoints on passions, happiness and love, among other things. It’s amazing how opening oneself to others can unearth even greater wisdom from them.

Thank you, universe. I feel loved.

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