Reassembling the Dislodged

Yesterday was a day full of meeting wonderful new people and gaining new experiences. Yesterday was also a day of viewing things in a different perspective: getting insight into how students think, how faculty thinks, how owners of family businesses think, how events people think, how start-up founders think.

It was also revitalizing to be thrown questions whose answers I never really thought of before. Explaining the incubation set-up and the justifications therein fueled by my general kneejerk tendencies and pitching the advocacy to people who were curious were the rules in the court. I swear it almost felt like a Miss Universe pageant or something.

Today, in my indulgent attempt to go back to my center and unleash my hipster tendencies, please allow me to unleash my touristy reflective mood in photos:


Cebu IT park in noon heat.


Feet selfie below the tree shades before ze 1PM meeting, yes.


A view of Marriott and the moonshine. My future indie band will sound as swanky as this caption, I hope.


Puso lights over dinner.

I love the hipsterness and the technopreneurial appetite of Cebu!

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