Hello Summer!

Dear Reader,

Pardon me if it’s been a while since I’ve last documented my thoughts and aired my sentiments on life and its intricacies, but I have been blissfully distracted by the love affair that I have.

My love affair with doing development work now is like having the boyfriend I never had.

I’m like the giddy kid who has been waiting for the ice cream truck to drop by on a sweltering summer afternoon, only to undergo the discovery of a new favorite ice cream flavor, hidden way below the more mainstream tubs of chocolates, vanillas and strawberries.

Pardon me if I linger in the bliss I find in meeting like-minded people, mingling in meet-ups, attending or organizing workshops, interviewing and harnessing inspiring stories first-hand, being on the ground and meeting people with wonderful ambition and hunger to solve a problem and act on it, or just listening to them speak (and secretly fangirling in my head).

I feel like Penny Lane in Almost Famous, only this time I consider myself a groupie of these awesome minds and hearts, rather than of rockstars (though I don’t mind being a groupie of rockstars either).

Pardon me while I linger in my love affair with these minds carrying these wonderful ideas to make the world better, more so dedicating their lives on acting upon these ideas and having both the breadth to perceive where they are at in the greater scheme of things, as well as the depth to focus and solve a pain point in this time and space.

So in between being behind on sending my sincerest thank you notes to all the wonderful people I have met and collaborated with, as well as logging RSVPs for our big event this week (I can’t wait to witness who the next set of founders to pimp out to the communities will be), let me take this time to express, during this rainy summer (it is, after all, summer part deux for us UP folks) night, this electrifying feeling that enthralls me.

I have the universe to be grateful for, along with the mindblowing ideas, awesome events, and inspiring people in it.

*Insert curtsy here*


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