On Equity

Many are called; few are chosen.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

I can go on and on with the clichés in this world that dwell on ownership. What sparked the writing of this post was the conceived notion I observed of some people just gunning to get funding and seeing it as the end goal. And I have to admit, like finding the right guy for a boyfriend, it takes the right set of startup founders to invest in, and to have a collaborative partnership with.

And as in relationships, although not all of them might work out, the aim is to gravitate towards boys/startup founders who are in it for the long haul.

Like I tell people whenever I’m asked what I do for the cause, I want to find people who are in it not just to win it, not just to wing it, but to swing it through and through all the way to the home run. The success of our startups are our success; their failure is our failure.

Equity and ownership do not only dwell on startups, yes. Talk of this ownership thing puts to mind the whole giving man fish VS teaching man how to fish argument. It has been empirically proven that dole-outs are not a sustainable method of development. There has to be shared ownership, a mutual stake between the beneficiary and the benefactor.

Take for example the conditional cash transfer program of the Brazilian government, Bolsa Familia. It was one of the most celebrated programs in developing impoverished communities with the way it was implemented. Community workers had a stake in monitoring the conditions properly inasmuch as beneficiaries made sure they complied to avail of the benefit. A lot of other countries followed suit, but are encountering challenges with implementation and achieving output as stellar as that of the Bolsa Familia case. It is in sincere and mad execution that ownership is established and stakes are laid out.

Take another case study, the Waters of Ayole. The villagers went back to their de facto ways that were the root of their short life spans because the solution was rolled out in a method that was devoid of transferring a sense of ownership. It was when they learned from their lessons and pivoted to impute an engagement with the stakeholders of the community that the technology was fully adopted by the beneficiaries and went on to make their lives better.

Such are examples happening in the rest of the world. Zoning it in to my immediate milieu, I am stoked to witness and immerse in the forming case studies of the startups at The Foundation. The hope is to cultivate more stories of shared ownership, more so of shared ambition to improve lives and make the world better.

Super excited to find out the next set of founders we’ll invest in! In a few hours we will!

Cheers to shared ownership! And cheers to reveling on the intricacies of the journey and the progressive destination/s!

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