Ready. Get Set. Reset.

A lot of things have been going on lately and my mind, heart and body have been on overdrive. Pretty relieved to know that my day tomorrow will start later than my usual weekday rush to 7AM yoga class.

I am super grateful for all the wonderful ideas, events and people I have been exposed to. So before I go onto getting some shuteye in preparation for another eventful day tomorrow (read: power yoga class, volunteering at the south, and supporting Filipino indie music up north), allow me to outline all the different things I’m excited to share to ROW in the next few days:

● Of intellect, property protection, and its flipside (The curious case of Amanda Palmer vis-a-vis local office milestones)

● Filipino Pride and the grain of our national identity (The meta-narratives that blanket our collective mindset; the call on redefining the identity, loving our own, and citing best practice)

● The affinity for all things indie (On cultivating creativity, cutting through bureaucracy and fostering the grassroots)

● Gender issues and filling in the gap (On being heard versus being seen, Girl Rising, and women of Influence)

● Yoga, Technology and the Economy (Personal viewpoints on philosophical convergences of my passions)

●The power of chronicles (The importance of documentation in highly iterative environments, more so on the development of heritage and culture)

And all other musings, really.

All I can say is that I’m happy I have my writing as a platform to geek out. I am happier to know that other geeks appreciate the geekiness – be it from an empirical, social or personal standpoint.

Cheers to all of you out there in the universe, and cheers to the 7 billion paths to bliss! Good night, and namaste.

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